A rare flower looking for a foster home!

by Joseph Romero on November 20, 2013

Fostered stamp 2

Names: Violet
Breed: American Pit Bull
Age: 16 weeks old
Foster Period: 2-3 weeks


Today we are looking for a very special home to care for this very special puppy. Violet was brought to us yesterday after living on the streets for who knows how long. This super sweet puppy came to us emaciated with barely enough energy to give us a few wags during her examination. Tipping the scales and a minuscule 7 pounds, she weighs about as much as a puppy half her age. But what a difference a day makes! We gave her fluids, vaccinations, food and a lot of TLC and today she seems like an entirely different puppy! Now her personality is starting to shine through, happy and playful describes her to a tee. She is currently being carried around in a staff members jacket like a baby kangaroo. 🙂 Yep, sometimes working here is that much fun!

So if you’ve got the next 2-3 weeks free then we’d love for you to help little Violet pack on the pounds.

Thanks again!

Joseph Romero
Foster Care Supervisor
East Bay SPCA
Oakland – Dublin

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