October 2016

EBSPCA Adoption Report Oct 26th -Oct 30th

by Joseph Romero on October 31, 2016







Oakland Adoptions

Animal ID Name Breed
25009 Munie Domestic Short Hair
37009 Troy Domestic Short Hair
Total: 2
Animal ID Name Breed
39368 Bijou Poodle Miniature
38504 Cookie Monster Chihuahua / Dachshund
39387 Candy Corn American Pit Bull
36047 Rolo American Pit Bull
39381 Crumpet Spaniel
39141 Annie American Pit Bull / Sharpei
Total: 6
Animal ID Name Breed
39271 Chickpea Terrier
Total: 1
Animal ID Name Breed
39323 Tim Burton Domestic Short Hair / Siamese
39325 Vincent Price Domestic Short Hair
39021 Penelope Domestic Short Hair
38985 Celia Domestic Short Hair
39193 Abigail Domestic Short Hair / Lynx
Point Siamese
39375 Jack Domestic Short Hair
39075 Phantom Domestic Short Hair
39428 Nate Domestic Short Hair
39077 Poltergeist Domestic Short Hair
39190 Toulouse Domestic Short Hair
39108 Miss Piggy Domestic Short Hair
39187 Magda Domestic Short Hair
39347 Delilah Domestic Short Hair
39348 Donnie Domestic Short Hair
39111 Lilac Domestic Medium Hair
38874 Minion Domestic Short Hair
39056 Mary Domestic Short Hair
39057 Wini Domestic Short Hair
39055 Sara Domestic Short Hair
39432 Romeo Domestic Short Hair
39433 Juliet Domestic Short Hair
39401 Salsa Domestic Short Hair
39429 Bermuda Domestic Short Hair
39398 Queso Domestic Short Hair
39399 Chips Domestic Short Hair
39404 Frijol Domestic Short Hair
39106 Gonzo Domestic Short Hair
Total: 27

Grand Total:  36

Dublin Adoptions

Animal ID Name Breed
38982 Venus Domestic Short Hair
38991 Akela Domestic Medium Hair
33852 Lord
Domestic Medium Hair
38940 Portia Siamese
39117 Katie Domestic Short Hair
38852 Kitty Purry Domestic Medium Hair
Total: 6
Animal ID Name Breed
38879 Duke Mastiff / Boxer
39277 Chopper Terrier
39303 Wanda Australian Shepherd /
Australian Cattledog
39337 Dulce Chihuahua
39397 Willie Wonka Chihuahua
39356 Matt Spaniel
39181 Gordo Chihuahua / Dachshund
39309 Gucci Golden Retriever
39274 Baby Ruth Chihuahua
Total: 9
Animal ID Name Breed
Total: 0
Animal ID Name Breed
39340 Harold Domestic Short Hair
39346 Hagar Domestic Short Hair
39071 Andante Domestic Short Hair
39074 Adagio Domestic Short Hair
38840 Cog Domestic Short Hair
39207 Skip Domestic Short Hair
39012 Felipe Domestic Short Hair
39015 Fred Domestic Short Hair
38653 Sombre Domestic Medium Hair
38972 Marbles Domestic Longhair
38970 Tommy Domestic Longhair
38971 Penny Domestic Longhair
39210 Syrie Domestic Short Hair
39342 Ocean Domestic Medium Hair
39351 Gabrielle Domestic Short Hair
39353 Aphrodite Domestic Short Hair
39385 Lincoln Domestic Medium Hair
Total: 17

Grand Total: 32

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Kittens looking for placement

by Joseph Romero on October 28, 2016

Back again searching for those available to take kittens home this weekend. We were recently contacted by a local municipal shelter, needing to make some space for an upcoming hoarding case. You know what that means… all their kittens must go! Pairs, triplets, singletons… Their loss is our gain. 🙂 From what I understand, the kittens are approximately 6 weeks and up. Best of all, they are healthy! So place your orders now and I’ll see what I can do.


Joseph Romero
Manager of Foster Care and Medical Support
East Bay SPCA
Oakland – Dublin

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EBSPCA Adoption Report Oct 17th – 23rd

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East Bay SPCA Adoption Report 10/12 – 10/16

October 18, 2016

Oakland 43 Dublin 28 Total 71     Oakland Adoptions Cat Animal ID Name Breed 39025 Mr. Meatball British Shorthair 39027 Babushka Domestic Short Hair 36801 Frumpy Cat Domestic Short Hair 38916 Jack Domestic Medium Hair 30622 Cinder Domestic Medium Hair 38959 Mulan Domestic Longhair 38588 The Big Bopper Domestic Short Hair Total: 7 Dog […]

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