February 2017


by Mimi Dietderich on February 22, 2017

Hi everyone!

Although I’m sure you are all hoping that I am posting for more animals I regret to say that is not the case at this time (although I’m sure that could change at any moment). That being said I did want to send a message out to all of you regarding some upcoming changes. After great consideration I have decided to place my career in animal welfare on hold while I pursue other exciting opportunities that have presented themselves. After a lengthy application and interview process spanning almost a year I have been offered a position teaching English in Japan for the next few years. My last day at the East Bay SPCA with be March 9th and I leave you all in Joseph’s trustworthy hands while I make the final preparations for my departure which I hope will be in this amazing plane!

While some of you might be expecting this:

In reality I will be in a much more rural prefecture and will be seeing quite a bit of this…

…and will be a hop, skip and a jump away from these friendly faces!

I have been at the East Bay SPCA for over 5 years now and more than 2 of those have been either assisting with or working exclusively with the foster program. I have great pride in the work that Joseph and I have done during my time here and I’m sure that the program will continue to grow in my absence. I want to thank every one of you for all that you have done for us and whether you have fostered one animal or hundreds know that you have saved a life each time that you have responded to a post of ours. It has been an absolute pleasure to work with all of you over the years and I’m extremely grateful for all of your time and dedication.

Mimi Dietderich
Foster Care Coordinator

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EBSPCA Adoption Report 2/15 – 2/19

by Joseph Romero on February 21, 2017







Oakland Adoptions

Animal ID Name Breed
40384 Goodman Domestic Short Hair
40367 Mingo Domestic Short Hair
40321 Pablo Domestic Short Hair
40361 Jazzmyn Domestic Short Hair
40300 Justice Domestic Short Hair
40160 Gerald Domestic Short Hair
40079 Mousey Domestic Medium Hair
40328 Marjorie Domestic Short Hair
39719 Annie Domestic Short Hair
40365 Betty Domestic Short Hair
39891 Cisco Domestic Short Hair
37429 Buddha Domestic Short Hair
40363 Heather Domestic Short Hair
40154 Scorpion Domestic Longhair
40425 Max Domestic Short Hair
39894 Linus Domestic Short Hair / Siamese
40364 Lucille Domestic Short Hair
40082 Magenta Domestic Short Hair
Total: 18
Animal ID Name Breed
40385 Buster English Bulldog
40392 Krishna Poodle Miniature / Bichon Frise
40336 Echo Chihuahua / Terrier
40285 Cobby American Pit Bull
40407 Snowball Hound
40205 Moose American Pit Bull
40251 Geppetto Lhasa Apso / Poodle Miniature
40437 Wee-Jack Dachshund / Terrier
40403 Eva Labrador
40131 Daphne Labrador / German Shepherd
40435 Leo Shepherd / Labrador
40207 Marie Terrier
Total: 12
Animal ID Name Breed
40220 Snowy Terrier
39421 Santo American Pit Bull
40214 Ernie Hound / Shepherd
40355 Pixie American Pit Bull
40307 Dundee Border Collie
40391 Twix Long Hair Chihuahua
40390 Junior Mint Chihuahua
40406 Fish Australian Cattledog
40342 Katzka Hound / Pointer
40405 Chips Parsons Jack Russell Terrier /
Total: 10
Animal ID Name Breed
40185 Ion Domestic Short Hair
39867 Finn Domestic Short Hair
40186 Proton Domestic Medium Hair
40411 Aye Domestic Short Hair
40413 Bee Domestic Medium Hair
40359 Lenny Domestic Short Hair
40412 Sea Domestic Short Hair
Total: 7

Grand Total:  47

Dublin Adoptions

Animal ID Name Breed
40381 Nera Domestic Short Hair
39344 River Domestic Medium Hair
40183 Tangelo Domestic Medium Hair
38947 Sokka Domestic Short Hair
40320 The Flying
Domestic Longhair
40238 Guinevere Domestic Short Hair
40416 Rosita Domestic Short Hair
40415 Puddin’ Russian
40081 Cyan Domestic Short Hair
Total: 9
Animal ID Name Breed
39699 Bubbles Weimaraner / American Pit Bull
40330 Sombrero Long Hair Chihuahua
34786 Copper Beagle
40356 Big Mac Flat Coated Retriever
40265 Nena Pekingese
40275 Griffin Brussels Griffon / Border Terrier
39686 Topaz American Pit Bull
40438 Itsy Bitsy Chihuahua
40180 Julian Poodle Miniature / Lhasa Apso
40269 Chick-A-Dee Chihuahua
40341 Chewy Dandie Dinmont Terrier
37875 Flash Chihuahua
Total: 12
Animal ID Name Breed
40105 Gouda French Bulldog
40354 Harry Jack Russell Terrier
Total: 2
Animal ID Name Breed
40446 Lil Domestic Short Hair
40445 Chucky Domestic Short Hair
40443 Phil Domestic Short Hair
40444 Tommy Domestic Short Hair
40014 Ivy Domestic Short Hair
Total: 5

Grand Total: 28

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UPDATE: Shiloh has found placement

February 17, 2017

Thank you for visiting 🙂 I have already found a foster home! Name: Shiloh Age: 12 weeks old Breed: Shepherd mix Foster Period: 4 weeks Good morning everyone, I have a really sad case today and I’m hopeful that there is someone out there that will be able to give us some assistance. Shiloh recently […]

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EBSPCA Adoption Report 2/6-2/12

February 14, 2017

Oakland 44 Dublin 33 Total 77 Oakland Adoptions         Cat Animal ID Animal Name Breed 40296 Fiona Domestic Short Hair 40290 Liberty Domestic Short Hair / Siamese 40278 Peaches Domestic Short Hair 40022 Teapot Domestic Short Hair 39943 Gizmo Domestic Short Hair 40382 Limerick Domestic Short Hair 40366 Itsy Domestic Short Hair […]

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Update: Titus has a foster home!

February 12, 2017

Thank you for visiting 🙂 I have already found a foster home! Thank you for visiting 🙂 I have already found a foster home! Name: Titus Age: ~5 weeks Breed: American Pit Bull mix Foster Period: ~3 weeks It may be a lazy Sunday morning for the majority of people today but for the East […]

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EBSPCA Adoption Report 2/1 -2/5

February 7, 2017

Oakland 44 Dublin 21 Total 65 Oakland Adoptions Cat Animal ID Name Breed                    Date Adopted 39510 Lava Girl Domestic Short Hair 40198 Penguin Domestic Short Hair 40172 Calvin Domestic Short Hair 40226 Piglet Domestic Short Hair 40161 Elvira Domestic Short Hair 40225 Penelope Domestic Short Hair 40197 Yo-Yo Domestic Short Hair 39974 Cicero Domestic […]

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Update: Geppetto has a foster home!

February 6, 2017

Thank you for visiting 🙂 I have already found a foster home! Name: Geppetto Age: 8 years Breed: Lhasa Apso / Poodle Miniature Foster period: ~4 weeks I think that everyone had a chance to see our last post for a lovable, geriatric dog named Perry with severe dental disease. If you think that you […]

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Update: Perry has a Foster Home!

February 2, 2017

Thank you for visiting 🙂 I have already found a foster home! Name: Perry Age: 11 years old Breed: Poodle Miniature / Lhasa Apso mix Foster Period: 5 weeks Perry is our most recent poster child and the newest face of GINGIVITIS! This senior gent is quite the charmer and soon will have a smile […]

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