The kittens are coming!!!

by Joseph Romero on March 17, 2017

Hi all,

We’ve started to have kittens trickle in and it’s only a matter of time before they are coming in by the truck load. In preparation I’d like to get a list of those available to foster ASAP!

The first couple of weeks we’ll start seeing an increase of mothers with kittens so for those of you interested in an entire family, please let me know. Also, please let me know if you’re interested in neonates (bottle feeders) because these are going to be pouring in very soon too.

Then, after a couple of weeks, we’ll start seeing kittens in the 4-6 week range… And we’ll continue to see these for the next 7 or so months. 🙂

Please let me know if you are ready for any of the above and I’ll contact you as they start coming in.


Joseph Romero
Manager of Foster Care and Medical Support
East Bay SPCA
Oakland – Dublin

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