UPDATE: Fluffy Found a Foster!

by Vanessa Molletti on April 11, 2017

Thanks for checking in! 🙂 I’m off to my foster home!

Name: Fluffy
Age: 6 years
Breed: Miniature Poodle Mix
Foster Period: 2 weeks

Hello Everyone!

Meet Fluffy! Fluffy has pneumonia and some ulcers on his right eye. For this, he will be taking oral meds and eye ointment two times a day. This sweet boy will need to return for a re-check appointment in about a week and then is scheduled to be cleared by our vets on Monday, April 24th. While the cause of pneumonia can be contagious, we are looking for a home that either has no pets or a solid plan for keeping your pets separate from Fluffy until his health is cleared.

We’re certain Fluffy will be so happy to relax in a home environment and will be quick to recover once he’s able to enjoy the home-life. Please let us know if you’re interested in fostering this cutie and we’ll get you set up with everything you need.


Vanessa Molletti
Foster Care and Medical Support Coordinator
East Bay SPCA
Oakland ◦ Dublin

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