UPDATE: Mama Queen and Her 5 Babies Have Found a Foster!

by Vanessa Molletti on April 14, 2017

Thanks for checking in! 🙂 We have found a foster home!

Name: Queen and The Regal Litter
Age:  1 year (Mom) + 1 week (Kittens)
Breed: Domestic Shorthair
Foster Period: 7 weeks

Happy Friday Everyone!

We have a beautiful mother cat and her five little kittens that need a foster home for a few weeks! The little ones are only about a week old, so they will need a foster home for about the next 7 weeks. Mom needs to stay with her kittens only until they are weaned at around 4 to 5 weeks old, then we can get sweet Queen ready to find her forever home. This little family was found and brought the a municipal shelter who then called us to take them in! Mom does have a little bit of the sniffles going on in addition to an ear infection. She will have a mother-safe antibiotic that she will be going home with so she can stay healthy.

If you’re interested in being the haven for this sweet little family to relax and recover, let us know! We’ll get you everything you need to provide for these guys and to watch these little one-weekers grow into happy, healthy, adoptable kittens!

Vanessa Molletti
Foster Care and Medical Support Coordinator
East Bay SPCA
Oakland ◦ Dublin

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