UPDATE: Molly and Harry Have Found a Foster Home!

by Vanessa Molletti on April 18, 2017

Thanks for looking! 🙂 We found a foster home!

Name: Molly and Harry
Age:  1.5 years (Mom) + 1 week (Harry)
Breed: Domestic Shorthair
Foster Period: 7 weeks

Good Morning Fosters!

We have a mother cat who just returned to us after feeding her litter of NINE kittens who are now weaned! She was set to get spayed and ready for adoption until we had yet another neonate come through our doors… With some very slow and careful introductions our sweet mama Molly accepted this sweet little guy and is now nursing him, cleaning him, and supplying this little guy with lots of love and cuddles just like she did with her own babies.

This little guy needs his surrogate mama for at least another 4 weeks, at which point he should be weaning off of her milk and onto some wet food. Once he is weaned and eating on his own, we can again attempt to get our Mother of the Year ready for her own adoption.

If you’re interested in helping this mama to help her little orphan Harry – please let us know! Molly is a wonderful cat who knows the ropes and can handle all the baby work for you!

Vanessa Molletti
Foster Care and Medical Support Coordinator
East Bay SPCA
Oakland ◦ Dublin

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