Bobbie is looking for a place to relax!

by Vanessa Molletti on May 16, 2017

Name: Bobbie
Age: 4 years
Breed: DSH Tabby
Foster Period: 1 week

Another adult cat awaiting a dental procedure! I guess we are getting consistent! 🙂

Meet this sweet lady, Bobbie! This quiet and petite girl has also been struggling to get over her upper respiratory infection in the shelter environment. She would love to have the opportunity to get out of her kennel here and into a home that can provide her with a little more space to be a cat! Plus, the air outside of her shelter ward will be so much sweeter than having her stay cooped up for the next week.

Bobbie needs to return to the shelter by May 25th to get rechecked before her procedure on the morning of the 26th. She would do best in a foster home with no other cats as her upper respiratory infection could very well be contagious! But not without effort, we have her on two different oral medications to help her combat her sniffles!

If you’d like to be the home that gives this girl a chance to really start feeling better before her big procedure, please let me know!

Vanessa Molletti
Foster Care and Medical Support Coordinator
East Bay SPCA
Oakland ◦ Dublin

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