A Plea For Pretzel

by Vanessa Molletti on May 16, 2017

Name: Pretzel
Age: 2 years old
Breed: American Pit Bull Terrier
Foster Period: 4 weeks

Hello Fabulous and Cherished Pittie Fosters,

I’m making yet ANOTHER post for sweet Pretzel. She is still sitting in our shelter with limited walks by only trained volunteers who can comfortably handle not only big dogs, but dogs with medical restrictions too. She is healing up well, but without the enrichment we are hoping for her to get. Pretzel is no longer on any medication and can go for a little longer walks than she could immediately following her procedure. She will still need to stay on leash-only walks as she carefully rebuilds the muscles in her legs.

As mentioned before (check out her previous posts/ surgery story below), you wouldn’t know that Pretzel had recently gone through such a huge procedure. This girl lights up the room when she enters it, loves to play, and shows no signs of impairment whatsoever. She is all love and tail-wagging joy!

If you’d like to be a hero for one of the most adored pitties in our shelter, please reach out to me. We are all rooting for her to find a foster as she waits out this long recovery that she’s only had the opportunity to recover from because she won the hearts of her medical staff.

Pretzel’s surgery went off without a hitch and she just needs a place to relax. The shelter can be a pretty stressful place so getting her into a foster home would do wonders to help speed up her recovery. With Pretzel, not only will you be helping out an animal in need but you might even find your new best friend! I wasn’t kidding when I mentioned her having a heart of gold, she’s an extraordinary sweet and loving dog.

Pretzel is looking for a new foster home! She is still in the recovery process and will be for the next FIVE weeks! This poor girl would love to get out of the shelter for that time and spend it with a loving family. Our sweet bully girl is still pretty young, so bed rest is really tough for her, since she wants to be up and wagging with everyone! Pretzel needs a home that will work with her on confinement and supervised activities. While she can walk, and is doing great, she needs to be on leash only for her walks and cannot engage in rough and tumble play. You may need to remind her when you meet this girl that she just had this huge surgery, because this bundle of happiness seems to have completely moved on!

I’d like to introduce a very special pibble to you by the name of Pretzel. She just had a huge surgery done and needs some time to recover. Despite how many people love this sweet girl, I’ll say that she takes her “winning personality” to a whole new level! Pretzel’s surgery was scheduled to repair one of her knees that we knew was a luxating patella. When Pretzel was preparing to go into surgery for this, we discovered that she not only had a luxating patella in one knee – she had BOTH patellas luxating AND both of her knees had torn cruciate ligaments! As anyone might imagine, the new cost of all this blew us away and all we knew was that we couldn’t afford to fix everything.

This is where the veterinary staff who had Pretzel at the time, simply fell in love with her. They offered us a greatly reduced cost to get this girl what she needed. The staff expressed to us that she was such an incredible dog and everyone at the hospital was rooting for her, so they felt they had to help this girl. With the new offer, we were able to afford her surgery and get our deserving girl all fixed up! Now, despite the love for her we hear about daily from our staff and volunteers, we hope to get her out of the shelter and into a home where she can get pampered.

Beware potential foster failures! We have a very special girl here that needs a place to recover and maybe even a place in your heart!

Vanessa Molletti
Foster Care and Medical Support Coordinator
East Bay SPCA
Oakland ◦ Dublin

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