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Cat Behavior

Having a litter box issue? Look no further than the link below to find some handy, dandy tips that should have your cat well on the road to becoming a tidy kitty.
Litter Box Dilemmas

Cat shredding everything it can get it’s claws on? We’ll you’ve come to the right place to help you save your furniture.
Cat Scratch Fever

Kitten Feeding Chart
Want to know how much to bottle feed your kitten? Click on the chart below for details.
feeding chart


Orphaned Kitten Care – How to Videos
These short videos will provide essential care instructions for orphaned kittens. Whether you are a seasoned foster parent or just getting started saving these orphaned baby lives, these videos will guide you through the basics.

Syringe feeding newborn kittens 1-10 days old (
Some find it easier to syringe feed their newborns, here is some info on exactly how to do so safely.

Bottle Feeding an Orphaned Kitten (
How do you get a kitten to drink from a bottle? How often should you feed him? How do you know if the nipple flow is too fast or too slow? Get a step-by-step guide to doing it right in this short video.

Stimulating an Orphaned Kitten to Urinate and Defecate (
Mother cats take care of stimulating their kittens to urinate and defecate, but kittens without mothers need help. This step-by-step guide can get any human up to feline mother standards in no time, and provides guidance on what to do if problems arise.

Weaning Orphaned Kittens onto Solid Foods (
The transition from formula to solid foods begins at about 3-4 weeks of age for orphaned kittens. But adjusting to solid foods can stress the kitten’s digestive system. This video will guide caregivers through food selection and preparation, along with tips for handling the transition period.

Comforting a Kitten (
How to make their stay with you as pleasant as possible.

Looking for a copy of our foster manual? Have no fear, click on the link below. 🙂
Foster Manual

Click to download our FOSTER CARE MANUAL.